The Little Miss & Mr. Vacaville  Fiesta Days Pageant will be held 
              on May 14th, 2016 
at the Downtown Fairfield Theater
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         Junior Pageant Competitions
    We are Looking for the Next Little Miss and Little Mr. Vacaville 
            Fiesta Days or Little Miss or Little Mr. Fairfield
The Litte Miss Division is open to Girls  - Babies - 12 year of age and
The Little Mister Division is open to Boys  Babies - 8yrs of age.
NEW THIS YEAR: Contestants will compete in their "Sunday Best".    
E-Mail below to Get an Application. 
Vicortia Lomelli
2006 Baby Miss Fiesta Queen-Marchella Price
Gabby Crump
2007 Baby Miss Solano County
2006 Baby Miss Vacaville Fiesta Days
2006 Little Mister Fiesta Kings
2005 Young Miss & Little Miss
2006 Baby Miss & Tiny Miss
 Papa Mr. Fiesta & Mr. Fiesta
Crowning 2007 Young Miss-Amy Jensen
2007-Jr. Petite Miss-Alia Shipp
2007Young Miss-Amy Jensen
2007 Young Miss-Amy, LIttle Miss-Hannah, 
                                          Tiny Miss-Melissa 
2007 Petite Miss-Gabriella  2007 Young Miss-Amy
                                           2007Jr. Petite-Alia

2008 Petite Miss
2008 Little Miss & Mr. Fiesta Queens & Kings
2006 Fiesta Days Parade
2007 Baby Miss Fiesta Days & Her Mom
2008 Baby Miss 
2007 Baby Miss Solano County& Her Mom

2008 Little Mr.
2011 Little Miss & Mr. Fiesta Days Winners
<---2015 Solano County Pageant-->
2016 Young Mr. King
2016 Little Miss & Mr. Pageant Winners
2015 Little Miss  & Mr. Pageant  Winners
2015 Jr. Miss Queen